Anadarko, OK – The Caddo County Sheriff’s Office announces the launch of their new website. Sheriff Spencer Davis and Deputy Jared Martinez worked closely with the Lighthouse Web Design staff to create a website that would serve the Caddo County community and staff better. 

The new website is responsive, so it adapts to mobile, tablet, and wider screens allowing the residents to stay up to date from anywhere. Sheriff Davis shares, “We believe the website will cut down on the amount of call volume we receive for general information. There are times when Deputies and Administrative staff may field multiple calls a day for information. Having that information available to them on a website will allow those employees to focus on other jobs and projects to help serve the citizens better.”

Visitors to the website can find news, resources, sheriff sales, and additional information on the Sheriff’s Office website.

Inmate Search – Visitors can search for current in-custody inmates at the Caddo County Detention Center. This information is updated hourly and provides links to commissary resources, web deposits, and VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) system. 

News and other media outlets can now access inmate information for the past 14 days anytime through the Media Reports page. 

Sex & Violent Offender Search – The offender pages allow visitors to see public information about the sex and violent offenders that live in the Caddo County area. This information is updated each day to provide accurate information. 

News Section – The news section of the website allows the Sheriff’s office to share press releases and community news, events, and crime tips to the public. This news section provides an archive of how the Sheriff’s Office works in the community to serve its residents.  

Job Portal – The Sheriff’s Office relied heavily on social media to post current openings and give instructions on how to apply. The job portal allows the staff to post current openings and accept applications online. This feature will make it easier for those interested in working with the office to get started. 

Anonymous Tip – Visitors can help keep Caddo County safe by allowing them to report crimes they see. The tip can be anonymous, or they can request a follow-up from a deputy and upload a photo from their phone or device. 

"The Caddo County Sheriff’s Office is excited to offer this new website to the Citizens and Visitors of Caddo County. We believe having the most requested information available to our citizens on the website will helps better serve them. The Sheriff’s Office looks forward to feedback from the website, and also, if there is other information or services you would like us to offer on the website, we would be more than happy to look into it. Thank you for your continued support." Deputy Jared Martinez