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K9 Unit

Caddo County K9 Unit

The Caddo County Sheriff's Office K9 Unit consists of 1 handler and dogs trained to ensure the safety of the handler and the citizens of the county. Because of the dog's superior sense of smell, hearing, and physical capabilities, the trained law enforcement K9 is a valuable supplement to law enforcement.

Each handler and their dog are subject to intense training before being assigned to Patrol. Upon entry into the unit, each handler must complete an extensive course with their K9. To request a handler and K9 for your school or event, call (405) 247-6666 or email us.

Meet the Caddo County Canines


The Caddo County Sheriff's Office would like to welcome our newest K-9 team. K-9 Handler Malik Boardingham and his partner Hektor, a two-year-old Belgian Malinois. Deputy Boardingham and Hektor certified together in May of 2023 after Deputy Boardingham attended the Dynamic K-9 School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where Hektor was trained. Hektor was born in Switzerland and he is certified in narcotics detection, tracking, and criminal apprehension. Hektor enjoys sleeping when he is not working, playing fetch and biting pillows. Deputy Boardingham is excited to start this new journey with K-9 Hektor and serve the citizens of Caddo County.

k9 handler ramsey with simba
K9 Handler Malik Boardingham with Hektor
k9 simba

How is the K9 Unit Funded

The Caddo County Sheriff's Office K9 Unit runs and operates solely on donations. K9s are purchased through fundraisers and donations from Businesses, Tribal Governments, and Citizens of Caddo County. The Caddo County Sheriff's Office is very fortunate to have its veterinary bills covered at no cost to the Sheriff's Office by the Anadarko Veterinary Clinic in Anadarko, OK.

The K9 Unit attempts to do fundraisers and/or looks for donations to keep the unit running. Some of the K9 unit costs include food, toys, and vehicles outfitted with heat alarms for K9s. Currently, our K9 Units are 2012 Chevy Tahoes that were purchased pre-owned from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol with over 100,000 miles on them.

The Caddo County K9 Unit is utilized in the Caddo County Public System and the day-to-day operations and needs of Caddo County. K9s have been requested and responded to assist other counties and agencies for narcotics detection and criminals' apprehension.

If you would like to donate to the Caddo County Sheriff's Office K9 Fund, you can do so by mailing a check made out to "Caddo County Sheriff's Office K9 Fund" or coming by the Sheriff's Office. The mailing address is below.

Caddo County Sheriff's Office
ATTN: K9 Fund
201 West Oklahoma
Anadarko, OK 73005